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君博怎么注册账号_【英语阅读进阶版】Celebrating Success, One Failure at a Tim

2020-01-11 08:53:06     来源: 群干资讯

君博怎么注册账号_【英语阅读进阶版】Celebrating Success, One Failure at a Tim



celebrating success, one failure at a time

——高中进阶 (2018-2019学年第27期) 1版


they say that the road to success is paved with the stones of countless failures. it is these failures that are often lost in the stories of successes. no innovator, be they jobs, einstein or musk, didn't at some point have to contend with the disappointment of failure. the road to innovation is fraught with (充满) the perils (危险) of self-doubt and the fear of not accomplishing one's dreams. though failure is always a hard lesson to face, it is the one most likely to teach us. a chinese proverb tells us that "failure is the mother of success."

no more is this true than in browsing the "museum of failure," a collection of failed products curated (策展) by swedish clinical psychologist dr. daniel west. among its collection is nintendo's virtual boy, one of the first virtual gaming consoles (游戏机) to ever be produced. the product was removed from shelves only months after being released. while it failed spectacularly, the investment in innovation helped to father (创造) such later technologies as the various vr headsets that are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. every failure is pregnant with the promise (可能性) of success. or as dr. west says, "it is in the failures that we find the interesting stories from which we can learn."

failure is a part of everyone's life, and mine is no different. i have been teaching for a good number of years and i cannot even count the times that i have failed to really impart (传授) the knowledge i wanted to give my students. in every failure was a lesson that told me how to make improvements. unusually, a new lesson i drew is to look at myself in a different way. i enjoy staying with my students, but teaching will no longer be the profession i want to pursue next year. i'm going to strike out on my own to be a freelance (自由职业的) photojournalist. it has long been my dream and now i have the motivation to take that chance. my efforts might lead to success; they might end in failure. every innovator rolls the dice of chance. only time can tell if rolling that dice will be counted. without rolling the dice, however, success will never come to you.

the "museum of failure" will run until mar. 17 at shanghai no. 1 department store. and it may smack of (带有……的意味) a bit of irony (讽刺) that the "museum of failure" is being hosted at a shopping center with "no.1" in its name, but as with every failure, it has its birth in the grand hope of success.



question 1

the following photos were taken at an exhibition being held in shanghai now. guess what the exhibition most likely honors.

note: the exhibition called the "museum of failure" honors various failed products on the path to success. exhibits include coca cola's coffee-flavored soda, heinz' green ketchup, colgate's frozen lasagne (意大利千层面), and mcdonald's hamburgers with grown-up tastes.

question 2

which quote about success and failure inspires you most? what did you learn from it?

while reading


1. among its collection is① nintendo's virtual boy, ... the investment in innovation helped to father (创造) such later technologies as② the various vr headsets ...

① 当表示位置或地方的介词短语作表语位于句首时,句子完全倒装。下文中"in every failure was a lesson that ..."也是同样的句型结构。

e.g. near the church was an old ruined cottage.

② “such + n. + as + n.”与“such as”相同,也是用于举例的常用结构,意为“诸如……此类的”。

e.g. such flowers as jasmine are popular with people.

2. i have been teaching for a good number of years and ... i'm going to strike out on my own to be a freelance (自由职业的) photojournalist.

① “a (good/great) number of ”修饰可数名词复数,该短语作主语时,谓语动词用复数。

e.g. a number of books have been stolen from the library.

② strike out on one's own: to start doing sth. or living independently开始独立做某事;开始独立生活

e.g. after working for her father for ten years, she felt it was time to strike out on her own.


complete each sentence using one word from the box in its correct form. note that there is one word more than you need and you can use each word only once.

innovator success disappointment accomplish motivation

1. i feel as if i've ____________ nothing since i left my job.

2. he's the author of several hugely ____________ children's books.

3. visitors were ____________ to find that the museum had closed when they arrived.

4. we must encourage ____________ if the country is to remain competitive.

5. there seems to be a lack of ____________ among the employees.


1. accomplished 2. successful 3. disappointed

4. innovation 5. motivation


1. 女司机发生车祸的可能性要远远大于男司机,这是一种成见 (stereotype)。(likely)

2. 纸盒里有两只出生没多久等待喂食的小猫。(in)

3. 自公告发布以来,许多学生申请担任志愿者。(number)

4. 琳达的父母由于遭受财务危机,无法继续供她上学了。(no longer)

possible answers:

1. it is a stereotype that women drivers are far more likely to have accidents than men drivers.

2. in the cardboard box were two newborn kittens that were waiting to be fed.

3. a good/great number of students have applied to act as volunteers since the announcement was issued.

4. having been hit by a financial crisis, linda's parents could no longer afford to keep her at school.


choose the best answer.

1. according to the article, which of the following statements about the "museum of failure" is true?

a. it is specially designed for chinese visitors.

b. it aims to inspire visitors to learn from failure.

c. it made the curator dr. daniel west famous.

d. it is being held at shanghai no.1 department store on purpose.

2. paragraph 3 mainly talks about ______.

a. how the author improved teaching from his failures

b. why the author decided to give up teaching next year

c. what has made the author feel confident of his future career

d. why we should take on challenges even if we are doomed to failure

3. the author's attitude towards failure is ______.

a. positive b. negative c. neutral d. unclear

key: bda

after reading

what is the biggest failure you have ever had? how did you deal with that failure? and what have you learned from it? make a presentation and share the story with your classmates.

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